Monday, January 10, 2011

Coconut M&M's

I know I said photos of my Red Rock Canyon hike were coming up, but there are a lot of photos to go through.  So to keep you informed on other Vegas discoveries... here is something else I found there:

Coconut M&Ms!  I bought these at the big four-storey M&Ms store in Vegas.  Disappointingly, the store sells very few actual M&Ms, and I didn't even see these on first glance.  I don't know how widely they are being sold; I'm pretty sure the Vegas store is the only place I have seen them.

In a (coco-) nutshell, these are fantastic!  Colours are green, white and brown, and the occasional random M has a little picture of a palm tree, or a coconut, or a flower.  Flavour is just the right amount of subtle coconuttiness.  Another two-thumbs up for this one (both thumbs mine).

That's my last chocolate review for now... until the next chocolate holiday!  I don't know if they bring new stuff out at Valentines, but Easter stuff should be coming out after that, I'll have to see if they have any new innovations to aquire before I head back to the hinterlands of Canada.

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