Friday, January 7, 2011

Sin City: a wholesome look

I guess pictures of Las Vegas are pretty ubiquitous, but here are just a few for you anyway.  I was there in mid-December.  It's a great time to go- hotels are cheap, and if you like hiking (you didn't think I went there to drink and gamble, did you?), it's the perfect time of year to get outside in the desert.

Here's New York New York.  I actually went on that roller coaster last year, and will never ever go on a roller coaster again.  It doesn't look scary from the ground, but it was!

Paris in the background...

I liked this view of the strip as you can see the mountains in the distance:

The Luxor, taken from one of the free trams that run between the resorts:

Liberty in jellybeans, at New York New York:

The ceiling of the lobby at the Bellagio:

Conservatory at the Bellagio- they sure like their polar bears!

Penguins get igloos!

These next few are of the interior of the newest hotel that had it's grand opening while I was there, the Iforgetwhatitscalled.  (***update- it's called the Cosmopolitan.  How memorable!)  I like the way the older resorts in Vegas have a theme- it makes you want to go and visit, even if you're not staying there.  This new hotel has some impressive features, but the only theme seems to be "upscale", no fake cityscapes or anything.

This is the ceiling over an escalator:

This is looking down into one of their cool glass elevators:

Elevator is in this photo of their floor as well:

Beaded curtains were used as decoration.  Don't know how long some of them will last, you can reach them from the escalators if you have long arms!

Here's one photo from Caesar's palace, which is my favourite resort to walk through.  Nice ceiling!

Coming next, a hike in Red Rock Canyon, stay tuned!

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