Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Turtlehead Peak, part 1

I think it was Dec. 15 when I did this hike.  I took a lot of pictures, so here are the ones I have gone through so far.

The weather was very overcast, and even spit rain earlier in the day.  I seem to hit deserts on their few rainy days.  Made for interesting photos though- you could see more detail in the rocks and mountains than you do in bright sunlight.

That's Turtlehead peak in the middle of the photo below.  That's where we're going hiking.  This is taken from the road approaching the park.  This is just a few miles from the northwestern corner of Las Vegas.

The scenic road inside the park.  Turtlehead peak is seen in the distance.

I just love the red curvy rocks of Red Rock Canyon.  I never get tired of looking at them.  The grey-blue skies contrasted nicely.

You can see the peak peeking out...

More rock photos, sorry, it can't be helped...

The tops of some mountains were in the clouds today.

Not Turtlehead peak, though, it was just underneath the cloud cover.

These are the mountains on the other side of the canyon.  Great view of them today; on a more typical sunny day they are so shadowed you can't see their colours well.

That's a gravel wash in the foreground:

There were trees here and there in sheltered areas:

A little further up the wash:

Looking back along the trail:

A yucca plant.  There were quite a few of these along the trail.

More pictures to come as I go through them.  I take so many photos, but I just love desert landscapes.

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