Monday, January 31, 2011

Japanese mushrooms

When I stopped by the Japanese grocery store a few days ago to pick up some noodles, I found something else new and wonderful to try:

I just love mushrooms, so finding new ones is always so much fun.  I didn't know what to do with these beech (top photos) and enoki (bottom) mushrooms, so I just cut them apart and stir-fried them with butter.  Delicious.  The enokis I separated into individual "sticks" so that they kind of sauteed into a noodle-like consistency.  A few days later I had them at a Japanese BBQ place and they kept them in clumps.  I liked them both ways, but separated into "noodles" was pretty interesting, they had the mouth feel of a firm noodle but a wonderful mushroomy flavour.

They weren't even expensive, less than $2 for each package.  I'll definitely buy them again.

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