Saturday, April 9, 2011

Flying into Iqaluit

I don't often have a window seat flying into Iqaluit, probably because I always I request an aisle seat.   The plane last Wednesday, for once, was not stuffed to the gills, and the flight attendant offered me a row to myself after takeoff.  It was overcast for much of the trip but cleared over Frobisher Bay.  I took these photos as we came into Iqaluit for landing.

This cluster of buildings is Apex, a small community southeast of the rest of Iqaluit:

The road snaking from Apex to Iqaluit.  There are some white buildings there by the shore if you look closely, I don't know if they're historical buildings, but they look like it:

Then Iqaluit appears in lobes:

Coming into downtown:

Then the airport:

Canada's most vibrant air terminal:

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