Friday, April 1, 2011

It's safe to pee on the 401 again

As anyone living in or visiting southern Ontario knows, for the past couple of years they shut down all the rest stops along the 401 at once to rebuild them.

They painted the signs advising travellers of the closure a brilliant yellow, to remind them that their bladders were exploding:

This is what the old ones looked like.  I think they kept this one just west of Kingston open just to tease people:

I liked the round space, the dome ceilings and stone interior walls of the old ones.  The new ones aren't too bad, here is the new one at that same site under construction:

Here's a completed new one, this one is the Mallorytown westbound station:

I think most of them are open now.  I like Ontario's rest stops, I find them faster than leaving the highway and looking for a gas station or restaurant off the road.  They're a little pricier for food and gas, but so easy to pull off and on the highway.  In the States I would exit at a sign for services, and sometimes they were quite a convoluted drive off the highway, and sometimes pretty far too, so I appreciate the convenience of the Ontario version.

I guess we're safe now for another few decades before they close all these at once to serve us better yet again.

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