Monday, April 25, 2011

Let there be light. Lotsa light.

Yesterday, April 24, was the first day when the sun doesn't set here in Grise Fiord.  It stays above the horizon for almost 4 months here.  We're at 76 degrees north.  Only 14 degrees from Santa!

Here's what it looked like just before midnight last night.  The landscape does go into shadow at night, as we're surrounded to the west and north by mountains, and the sun is low in the sky then.

This is looking north at the Co-op store:

This is looking southwest.  It's taken through a window so it messed with the colours a bit.

I love the 24 hour light (and indeed, we've had 24 hour light since I got here in early April).  It doesn't disrupt my sleep, I don't need foil on the windows or anything like many do.

It might be cold up here (highs still around -20), but at least I can inspect my fingers for frostbite in natural light, right around the clock!

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