Monday, April 8, 2013

Dante's View, Death Valley

Dante's View is unique in that you can see both the points of highest and lowest elevation in the continental United States at the same time.

Here's looking down into Death Valley.  The white stuff to the left is the salt flats.  The lowest point in the valley is at 282 feet below sea level.

Here's a closer view of the Furnace creek oasis in the valley.  Our hotel is in there.

And across the mountains you can see the point of highest elevation - Mount Whitney should be somewhere in those distant peaks, at 14,505 feet above sea level.  Ed took this with his zoom lens.

Mountains on the other side of the salt flats of Death Valley:

Looking down onto the flats, at the area called Badwater - we're going here next:

Just another view of the beautiful barren mountains we're standing on:

Saw this geological survey marker on the trail we hiked.

Looking at the landscape behind us:

Next stop, the salt flats at Badwater ...

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