Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Titus Canyon Narrows, Death Valley

On Dec. 11 we hiked some of the western end of Titus Canyon.  You can drive this canyon if you have a 4-wheel drive vehicle, but we didn't, we just had a run of the mill car.  Luckily you can hike through the most interesting part of the canyon, the narrows, on foot.

The canyon is one-way for vehicles.  Here we have just entered the canyon, and turned around to take a picture of the mouth, looking back at Death Valley beyond:

There were these chair-like erosions in the wall of the canyon, made for comfy seats:

The wall of the canyon has plants that have taken root here and there, it makes it look like hanging baskets:

Ed took most of these photos, the contrast of bright sun and shadows required the HDR function on his camera:

We met four dirt bikers going the other way:

These mosaic-like patterns in the rock were really cool:

It was a really interesting hike, the canyon just goes on and on, and is so easy to hike with the flat gravel bottom that slopes very gently uphill:

Next stop, the Ubehebe craters!

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