Monday, April 15, 2013

Natural Bridge

The Natural Bridge trail goes into a canyon and passes underneath a natural stone arch.  We were there late in the day on Dec. 10.  Most of these photos are Ed's, his camera deals with low light and shadows much better than mine does.

Here's the bridge, you come to it really quickly on the trail.  There is a tiny person there to show how big it is, although that person is probably somewhat beyond the bridge on the trail.

Here it is from the other direction, looking back:

There are these folds in the canyon wall that were cool:

Looking up from inside that folded wall:

Further into the canyon, it turns a corner, this is looking back at where we came from, from up on one of the cliffs where we scrambled up a bit:

Here's another one of those wall folds...

The trail ends here, where this wall of stone rises up.  It was possible to climb it, but since it was getting late in the day we turned around.

Here is the mouth of the canyon on the hike back out, looking out into Death Valley:

So that was December 10, we got a lot done.  Next up we went to Titus Canyon and the Ubehebe crater, so come back soon...

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