Monday, April 22, 2013

The Devil's Golf Course

I'm not sure why this part of the Death Valley salt basin is called the Devil's Golf Course - must have been named by an obsessed and traumatized golfer, who thought the salt formations looked like divots?

You can walk right out onto it, even though that affects the salt formations- I guess they must just re-form after the few storms that the area gets.  Death Valley is the land of no fences, you can go pretty much anywhere, and they tell you that.  They do mention to watch your step though, especially here - it is very hard to walk, and would be really sharp if you fell.

The first one is just a morning photo of the drive there, it was beautiful ...

Here's the Devil's Golf course, with a few close-ups of the crystals.  I should have stuck my foot into a photo for size comparison, the formations are the size of large divots.

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