Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ice Box Canyon, Red Rock Canyon

On Dec. 17 we went back to Red Rock canyon to hike another trail.  Ice Box trail was another tricky one, lots of rock scrambling, and snow and frost on the trail to make it slippery.  (Funny, every time I type in "trail" it comes out "trial", must be my subconscious at work, as this trail was indeed a trial!).

We got lost several times on this trail too, and due to incorrect and contradictory signage at the trailhead, we and other hikers were led to believe it was twice as long as it was.  This led to us and other puzzled hiking parties trying futilely to find the trail at the end of it where it disappeared into the dense wilderness, only to realize on our return that the reason we couldn't find where it continued on, was because it didn't.

I liked this dead tree on the approach to the canyon:

Approaching the canyon:


 Into the canyon:


Here's the end of the trail:


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  1. Your desert photos are excellent. Placing a dead or gnarly tree in the foreground always seems to make for a great photo.