Monday, January 18, 2010


Last week I visited LACMA... not to be confused with MOCA... LACMA is the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.  It has a wide range of collections, including two buildings dedicated respectively to Korean and Japanese art.

I liked it.  It's large, a complex of five buildings, or maybe even more, but five have art in them right now.  Some good stuff was closed for renovations though, but still lots to see.  I thought their Picasso collection was better than what the Picasso museum in Paris has.

I'd talk more about it but I can feel your eyes glazing over already.  I didn't take any interior photos, but here is the outdoor sculpture garden, many of the works are by Rodin or his buddies (they're kind of lined up in between the palms):

It just wouldn't be an art museum without the requisite Henry Moore sculpture in the courtyard:

The entrance to the contemporary wing is on the third floor of that building, it has a great view of the Hollywood hills, and the western portion of my rental complex (the painted highrises and yellow townhouses that surround them, click it to enlarge):

There's still one more art museum on my list to see, the Getty.  (There are two Gettys in town- I was already at the Getty Villa, but there's another one too, that I think has a bigger collection of art).  I hope to get out there soon.

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