Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Quick thoughts on rain

It's raining today for the third day in a row, which would make it around the 8th or so day of rain in total since I arrived on September 16.

I notice a change in my attitude to the weather- back home, if the forecast calls for rain, I'd ask myself, "should I take an umbrella?", and of course I would.  And off I'd go.

Here, when the forecast calls for rain (if the threat is convincing enough, as they totally over-forecast it), I ask myself "do I need to go out?  Is it that important?  I can cancel my plans, there's always tomorrow".  And I tend to stay in. 

I don't feel particularly wimpy (I just got in from the rain, survived it, with no whining or feelings of persecution), but it is interesting that when rain is a much more infrequent event, it becomes a much bigger deal.  I was glad to get out today in it though, I have to build my weather endurance back up for my return to Canada for the summer!

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  1. If you had spent the past few months here and stayed in when it rained, you would have been out about 8 days since September... its the exact oposite. Environment Canada is tracking the storm that you got yesterday and apparently, it is making its way here and will bring unseasonal temperatures near +10C with lots of rain for Monday!!! Talk to you soon.