Sunday, January 17, 2010

This is what a creek looks like in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a dry town climate-wise, and they don't do water all that well here.  This is Ballona creek, and today I went for a bike ride along the path that runs beside it.  Not exactly your average back-to-nature experience.

This truck seems to have been hired to drag away the last remaining vestiges of life along the corridor:

One spot (below) has a good view of the Hollywood sign (seen at the top of the closer hills in the background.)  If it wasn't hazy the mountains would have been quite nice from here too, but you can just barely see them today:

I'll try to get some photos of the Los Angeles river while I'm here.  It's similar to Ballona creek, only it has even less water in it.  I've heard though that when it storms these waterways fill up, and can be quite fast and dangerous.

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