Saturday, January 9, 2010

Walk around Downtown

Last weekend when I went to MOCA, I also walked around downtown a bit.

This is the Disney Concert Hall, photographed from a less-traditional angle (but I liked the mountains in the background).  It was designed by Frank Gehry, remember Gehry?

This art is on the side of a building on Grand Ave.:


This building is near MOCA:


They do a lot of stuff with water for decoration here in LA, lots of very creative fountains.  This is a quiet flat reflecting pool near MOCA:


Lemons grown as decorative trees:


View overlooking some of the historical district:


Xmas display behind one of the buildings.  I'm pretty sure the steps and stage area behind it are sometimes flooded as a fountain, and drained as needed for shows, very cool multi-use:


Of course there are palm trees!


These next few I took back in December and didn't get around to posting.  This is the interior of the Bradbury building, which has appeared in several movies:



This is an old theatre on Broadway (yes, they have one here too).  The decorative carvings are typical of buldings on this street:


That's all for now!

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