Thursday, January 7, 2010


Angelinos love their acronyms.  It's not some coffee place either... MOCA is the Museum of Contemporary Art.  (Not to be confused with LACMA, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, although it often is.  I'll go to that one soon.)

This museum has three different pavillions.  One is in the west end near me, at the Pacific Design Center, and I've been to that one already, it has small free temporary shows.  The building pictured above is the main building, and there is an annex a few blocks away with a free shuttle bus between them on weekends.

The show in the main buildings right now is a collection from the Museum's first 30 years.  I went this past weekend, it was pretty good.  Some fairly predictable stuff (a Piet Mondrian primary colour grid, an Andy Warhol soup can, a Jackson Pollock paint dribbles), and some stuff that was pretty creative and cool, especially a video called City Glow by Chiho Aoshima, which has also played I think at Nuit Blanche in Toronto, has anyone from there seen it?  There was also a disturbing display of weirdly decorated Xmas trees with multiple photos of a bloodied Santa on the walls- I thought that one should have been in a separate room for adults only, I can imagine people with kids being dragged over to check out the Xmas trees (they're placed strategically to be visible and tempting, which is the idea I'm sure) and kids then getting nightmares from the photos on the walls.

Anyway, this museum gets a thumbs-up, value for the $10 admission, and a good overview of contemporary art.

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  1. getting-the-travel-bug-KathJanuary 7, 2010 at 8:13 PM

    Have you thought of submitting some of your stuff to the Lonely Planet guides, for their next update? Sounds like they could use some of your input...maybe a job to look for (see where in the area they need a guide done, or updated) while waiting for that nursing one to appear...just a thought, since you seem to write well and find out of the way, unusual and low-buck things to do.