Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 10: Four states in one day

After visiting the caves, I headed north again on Interstate 81.  What a great highway- scenic, no cities to navigate through (until Pennsylvania, but even those aren't bad), and manageable terrain for a Toyota Corolla.  I've decided I prefer the southern route (40 and 81) over the northern one (70 and 15, and assorted northern interstates).  Both have their advantages, but the southern route is lighter on the disadvantages, and seems to pass by more interesting stuff.

So, north through the rest of Virginia... weather changed to overcast pretty quickly...



... entering  the northeast corner of West Virginia, for around half an hour...


...through a tiny part of northwestern Maryland, so brief that they don't even mark it I don't think, although there were some truck shenanigans around there (they were attempting repeated passes of each other that they shouldn't, requiring much alertness), so it might be I just didn't notice the signs.  Traffic was heavier today than I would have expected on a Sunday.

And then finally into Pennsylvania...  where there were some snow showers:



I'm in Wilkes Barre for the night, south of Scranton.  On to Canada and Ottawa tomorrow!

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