Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Big Horn Sheep

On the way back up the Bright Angel trail, I could see traffic building up ahead, becoming stop and go.  Here's why:

This big-horn sheep (with smallish horns- young?) wasn't too intimidated by the hikers, and scampered up rocks to graze and pose for us:

It may have been the mother of these younger and more skittish sheep that were running up and down on the rocks below.  There were other sheep lurking off in the woods above the trail.

All right, I still have more photos to show you.  The light and shadows kept changing which is partly why I have so many:

Now tell me, does this trail look steep or narrow to you?

If you remember to look up, there are always scenic outcrops to see too:

More trail:

There were a few flowers in the canyon, I found these photogenic:

A couple more rocky outcrops:

And, one last shot from this trail.  I still have more photos to come from my third day at the canyon, so don't slip into that coma just yet...

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