Thursday, October 28, 2010

Desert rain

I don't know what it is with me and deserts, but I tend to get rained on when crossing them more than one might expect.  It sure makes for some dramatic skies though.

So here are some pics from the drive down highway 40 towards Los Angeles.  The landscape is sure not boring, and October 2, the skies weren't either.

Currently 448 miles east of Los Angeles, or so says the sign.  It's around 500 miles I think from the Grand Canyon to Los Angeles.  This was the longest day's drive of my trip.

Clouds starting to gather.  I ran into rain, and even a thunderstorm in Kingman, Arizona (near the border with California.)

I think this is just east of Kingman.  That's an anvil cloud, I think the best specimen I've ever seen.  It was huge though, this is just a small part of it out the side window.  Anvil clouds go with thunderstorms, which I'm guessing they don't get too many of in the desert around Kingman.

I didn't get many good photos during the rain, too dark and wet, although the landscapes I was passing through were beautiful and dramatic.

This must be after I turned south on to Interstate 15.  Interstate 40 ends at 15.  This must be going uphill as there is a truck lane on the right.  Cool clouds, eh?

This is coming down through the mountains towards the eastern suburbs of L.A.  This photo would still be around 75 km from the part of LA where I stay (which is sort of on the cusp of the west side, around 12 km east of the beach.).

... and from there on in, there was too much traffic to take any pictures.  But I'll have some of my various activities and outings in LA soon.

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  1. Keep it coming... I like the weather reports.