Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Grand Canyon Rim trail, part 2

Here are some more photos from my hike of the rim trail as the day progressed and the afternoon light changed:

Along the portion of the canyon that I visited, the top layer is usually this white rock, followed by a layer of red rock underneath it:

More tree pictures:

The light changed as the afternoon progressed:

This is a little scary- this is looking straight down into a hole in the trail!  It's the real trail too- in places a hiker can wander off onto unofficial trails that can get a little precarious in their proximity to the edge.  This below though is a guard-railed trail- the rail isn't showing in the photo but would be along the top edge there.  Most people wouldn't be hiking this trail with little kids, but if they were, one could disappear down this gap, as could an adult who wasn't paying attention:

More trees and canyon:

If you click on this one below you can see the rapids on the Colorado river- the shuttle bus driver said each ripple is the size of a bus, he'd done the canyon on a rafting trip and he says it's very wild down at water level there, although it looks calm from here:

That's it for my Rim trail photos- stay tuned for a hike down into the canyon the next day, coming soon.

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