Friday, October 8, 2010

Outa my way, Mr. President!

These pics are from Sept. 28, when I was leaving Albuquerque and heading to the Grand Canyon.

Just as I was about to pull onto the on-ramp for Interstate 25, a cop car turned in front of me from the opposite direction and started doing a 3-point turn, blocking the on-ramp.  I was thiiiiissss close to being on the highway when he closed it...

And there I sat, with traffic piling up waaaaaay behind me, for the next 30-40 minutes.  I had a good view of the Interstate, and I noticed that off-ramps down the road were blocked to exiting traffic.  They eventually cleared, and the road itself after 20 minutes or so became completely empty.

I figured that since the cops manning our on-ramp seemed not to be looking for any fugitive criminals among us, that there must be some sort of motorcade on it's way.  For all this fuss I guessed it had to be the president.  I had half heard something on CNN during breakfast about him making an announcement or something in someone's backyard down that-a-way, but I had thought that was over in Texas.

Guess not!  Eventually, a few minutes after a bunch of motorcycle cops zipped down the road, a convoy of many cop cars, white SUV's, black SUV's, one ambulance, two fire trucks, a van that looked like it might be a criminal-transport van, and several other miscellaneous vehicles sped past:

Look!  There he is!  Do you see him?  Do you see him?

An American friend says he always is hidden in a clutch of black Suburbans, so he is probably somewhere in that cluster there.

A google search revealed later that Obama had been in Albuquerque for an "informal meeting" at the suburban home of some ordinary Joe.  Cripes!!  Shut an entire interstate and hold up traffic for 40 minutes for an "informal meeting"?  How down to earth.  Just like regular folks.

So, I was a little late getting on the road that day.  I was terrified after that that he'd swing by the Grand Canyon for a "spontaneous" gander since he was in the neighborhood.  Luckily, nothing unusually informal occurred during my visit there.

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