Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's official, the heat is more tolerable here

It was toasty today, in the 90's. I forget how high exactly in American degrees, but I looked at a weather site in the later afternoon (which may have been past the peak), and it was 36 degrees Celsius.

I didn't have the air conditioning on once though today. I kept the windows closed in the afternoon, and figured at some point I would feel warm and put it on for an hour or two, but never did.

My apartment faces east, I think this helps to keep the heat down as the sun is off it by noon. But basically, it has to be a lack of humidity. I know if it was 36 back home, I'd be dying in the heat, but here I didn't even break a sweat once, even when I was walking to and from the pool.

I saw a funny photo on the internet today of a celebrity (I think it was Britney Spears but I'm not sure, the name wasn't on it) wearing those Ugg boots in this weather! The thing is, I saw the very same thing on someone yesterday at the grocery store! High heat (in the 90's), and this woman has fleece-lined tall leather boots on.

I may never fit in. I still have myself slated to wear sandals in January, although I brought some shoes just in case. The locals will probably be in parkas. Expensive, designer parkas.


  1. So now you understand the meaning of "dry heat". Same goes with cold. Can be -30, if there is no humidity, it is easy to get by.

    Don't forget that you may have to wear your shoes in the later part of the return trip in February...


  2. I think anything goes in L.A. You'll fit in. Just throw on a crazy vest or something to make yourself look a little eccentric, and then I think you could pull off the sandals in January. You'll probably start a trend, for that matter! How's the ice cream availablility and quality? Nothing beats an ice cream or a smoothie on a 90 degree day.

  3. I am slightly envious of the hot weather you are experiencing, it only got up to 17 here in Ottawa, even with the sun out this afternoon, there was definitely a chill in the air. The leaves are turning colour which kind of makes up for the cooler weather.

    Keep wearing those sandals!


  4. Do you realize your forecast for next Tuesday is a chilly 23C? Brrrr! chilly! We're getting 2C tonight. Soon we will have the first frost... :-(