Monday, February 22, 2010

Albuquerque Biopark

Today I stayed in Albuquerque to let the weather pass me by, as I was ahead of schedule anyway (left the Grand Canyon early due to bad weather.)  I love zoos, so I decided to go to the one here, which is combined with an aquarium and botanical garden.  I'd actually wished when originally planning my trip that I would have had time to see the zoo here, so squeezing it in today was a nice silver lining to the clouds that literally chased me here early!  It sprinkled rain a bit today early on, but otherwise was mostly overcast with cool temperatures.

It's not a great season for a botanical garden in New Mexico (although a nice and soothing walk nonetheless), but the aquarium and zoo were great, and the zoo especially was deserted, I guess the season and the weather keeps locals and tourists away.  Just the animals and a handful of visitors; the animals would actually look up and often wander over when I approached, I guess they were happy for the diversion.

Here are a couple of photos of the flamingos, I just love their red colour!



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  1. Thanks for keeping us posted. Are you getting any doses of the olympics down there?? It's definitely in the air here. Take care, and keep the photos coming.