Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 7: through Little Rock and Memphis

I crossed Arkansas today.  The western part of the state is rolling hills, gradually flattening out into fields, then becoming gently rolling again in the east, then flat around Memphis.

Here's a view from a rest stop of the mountains in the distance to the north (probably the southern Ozarks?)


Lots of truck traffic today!  There would be a long line, almost uninterrupted, of trucks in the right hand lane.  Heavy traffic in general, especially heading into Little Rock and then into Memphis.  Little Rock reminded me a bit of going through Kingston on the 401, except they have a real (tiny though) downtown visible with highrises.

Here's western Arkansas, coming up on Memphis in the distance.  You cross the Mississippi river on I-40 to enter the city (and the state, Memphis is right on the state line).


Navigating the interstate through Memphis is something else- I think it's even more complicated than navigating the highways in central Los Angeles (except the roads are better and the people nicer... but the route, very complicated!).  Made it though!

Tonight I'm in Jackson, Tennessee.  Tomorrow night I plan to be in Bulls Gap (that's how they spell it, apostraphe-free) in eastern Tennessee.  It's a wide state, Tennessee is.

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