Saturday, February 20, 2010

Why, just look at that view!

Here's what the Grand Canyon looks like...

...when it's snowing!  That vast background wall of white is where the canyon should be.  Today's forecasted "snow showers" manifested as relentless horizontal snow.  Couldn't see a thing!  I'm really glad I went out yesterday for the quick sunset view of the canyon.



Below is the historic Kolb photo studio (now a bookstore) perched on the edge of a cliff:


At the Yavapai observation station (where they had an exhibit on geology), I noticed I was parked beside a car from Quebec.  Then I noticed the next one over was from Saskatchewan!  Crazy Canadians on vacation... but at least we know how to drive in snow:


I'm hoping for better weather tomorrow... it's supposed to snow again, but maybe it won't be quite so constant.  If it is, I'll head down the road and go see something else.  Meteor crater is next on my agenda, but if it's snowing I don't think that will be a good choice in poor visibility either.  I have other options, something will work out.

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