Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 5: Albuquerque to Shamrock, Texas


Today I drove a little over 600 km to Shamrock, Texas, in the Texas panhandle.   Roads were dry, skies were sunny.  I passed four truck rigs though that had gone off the road, three of which were flipped.  All had conveniently landed on the median so that traffic wasn't affected, and it didn't look like they were fatal accidents, hope the truckers were OK.

The landscape went from mountains to flat lands, at first with mountains and mesas at the horizons, and then just flat land as far as the eye could see.  It then started to break up with creeks and such, and where I am tonight is very gently rolling.

The photo above is at a rest stop in New Mexico, looking back along Interstate 40 at the mountain range I'd just passed through.  The one below I actually took while driving (I realized today that with my little digital, I can just point and click without looking at it, and some of the photos actually turn out).  This one too is of New Mexico.  Unfortunately the batteries died after this shot, and while I can point and click without taking my eyes off the road, I sure wouldn't change batteries like that.


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