Sunday, December 13, 2009

In Los Angeles, anything is possible

So what do Los Angeles families do with their kids when it's 64F (18C) and raining?  They take them sledding, of course!  Downtown.

Los Angeles knows no boundaries.  The downtown area is host to not one, but two outdoor skating rinks.  Yesterday I went out to check out one of them, at Pershing Square.

They were having kid activities there too.  There was a snow pile for sledding, and an area where they were building an ice fort.  Not too many people were out on skates, it was raining after all.  If it hadn't been raining I probably would have given it a try, but I'm kind of an ice connoisseur after living so close to the Rideau Canal, and a warm rain at 64F has to be bad news, even on a chilled rink!

Spot the palm trees!


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  1. Funny... If I ever managed to live in a warm country, the very last thing I would do is seek out winter... Weird world...