Thursday, December 3, 2009

Power to the people!

I had to buy a battery charger for my new little camera, as I was travelling light when I left Canada, and hadn't brought mine with me.  I chose this one (online shopping is a dream here, but that's another post), and the fact that it had a 2-hour charge time was a bonus.

It arrives (fast!  Oh my, online shopping is wonderful here), and look at the back of that package.... do the side-by-side claims sound a little contradictory to you?  Just guess which one is accurate...  Yep.  But, I don't necessarily need lightning speed when charging, the camera only takes 2 AA's so I can always charge a set and use a set.

Oh, and the two-hour charge time?  It's for a battery they don't recommend using with the charger, and even then it's 2.5 hours.  But theeeeeeeoretically you could, I guess.

1 comment:

  1. Surprise surprise... Funny tough. You should send this to Jay Leno, he shows funny stuff like this on evetyone of his evening shows...
    He lives nearby doesn't he?