Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lost Creek trail (Red Rock Canyon)

This wasn't the world's most exciting trail, but we did it late in the day and chose it as it was short and touted as family-friendly, hence likely to be non-deadly.

This is what a waterfall looks like in the Nevada desert.  See the water?

OK, I don't see it either.  But... there actually is a stready trickle in this spot, not just a drip!  I suspect that's from the melting snow that had fallen the previous week.  The creek itself did have some water in it.  This part of the park is in the north shadow of mountains, so it's cooler, wetter and darker.

We had some good sunset views of the other mountains from this trail, I liked the silhouetted trees.  I found it very neat to have trees in the desert, tucked into their little microclimates in the shadowed areas of the canyons.

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