Thursday, October 15, 2009

...and now it's humid

Back to beautiful summer today, but Ottawa-style... all that rain is evaporating and it's humid out today. It's only 26 C (79 F) right now but feels HOT because of it. I'm really enjoying it though- I was a little worried that "winter" was here after two days of rain. Building heat is still on (mine is turned off but it still gives off some residual heat).

It's forecast to be 91 tomorrow, 89 on Saturday, then back in the mid to high 70's after that, sunny every day ... I guess I won't ask for my money back just yet.


  1. No, don't ask for your money back. Plenty of warm and nice weather coming your way next week. Enjoy! -Eric

  2. Only 26C!! Its been dropping down below zero here! Sounds like a prettty amazing climate, with 90F temperatures in mid-October! Warm outfits would not be needed for Halloween in L.A. :)