Thursday, October 29, 2009

Santa Monica and Venice Beaches

It was such a beautiful clear day today, I decided to drive down to Santa Monica beach and try the bike path there. Click on any of the photos to see them bigger.

I started out at the Pier, where the amusement park is:

I then headed north first. Here is a wide view of the beach, click it to see it bigger:

I think this one gives an idea of just how wide (deep?) the beach is- look how far those walkers are from both water and the buildings at the edge of the beach:

These apartments overlook the beach:

So do these, I wonder how stable the geology here is in an earthquake? Might not want to park there in that case either:

Beach houses, and my little bike, that gets into more photos than I do (circumstantial evidence that I'm here!):

Two views from near the northern end of the path:

I liked this little short palm tree. Is it a midget, or just a young 'un? I'm not very well schooled on the life cycle of the palm:

I then turned around and headed back past the pier, south, to Venice beach. Here's what the path looks like down there, it's still along the beach:

These buildings are along Ocean Front Walk on Venice beach:

There's a skateboard park, and these guys move fast so it was a very lucky shutter click that caught this skateboarder:


  1. Pretty nice beaches! So did you go for a swim? What would the water temperature be? Those beach houses look quite similar in style to some you would find here in southern Spain. As for the palm trees, I´m no expert, but it probably is just a young one. The ones I had in my garden started up from the ground and just kept pushing up bit by bit.


  2. An amusent park and beach.......Sounds like a pretty awesome combo! And that beach is huge!!

  3. Wow! What a great place! I wonder what the rent is in that neighbourhood? I bet housing values are high and stable too!!!

    The palm tree is a young one.

    Geology looks stable enough (looks like a form of conglomerate) to sustain an earthquake moderate to large. When "THE big one" finally comes, it won't matter anyway as this area will likely be wiped out by a tsunami or underwater.

    I' live there anytime tough...


  4. Great pics. I used to skateboard in the 70's, dreamed of parks just like that, but the craze died out. Apparently it lived on there though...thanks to a much more agreable climate! Say hi to Lonnie Toft and Stacey Peralta for me...