Sunday, October 11, 2009

Visual proof I'm really here

I went on the bike club's ride today, no traffic troubles at all. It was overcast but not too foggy so I took my camera. Pictures weren't great so I'll only post a few. The weather improved during the ride but the ride leader was on a tight schedule due to an appointment, so I didn't stop to take better photos on the way back. There are actually beautiful views of Malibu and the Santa Monica mountains on this trail, but I'll have to get photos another time!

Below is a street in Hermosa Beach- not one of the more interesting ones, but we weren't stopping much and not for very long, so I took pictures where I could!

Here are two views of the Palos Verdes area from Redondo Beach:

About half the people on the ride do a longer route and go up into the Palos Verdes, but I find the 28 or so miles (44 km) on the beach ride to be long enough for me. I get elbow pain and hand numbness if I do too much riding at once.

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  1. I am tired just reading your post. Keep-up the good reporting and happy Thanksgiving!