Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bike ride in Nichols Canyon

It was a nice cool morning (19C) and I was out early (around 8:30) so I decided to bike into the Hollywood hills a bit. Now, I'm not sure if that's the exact correct terminology for where I went, I think it's part of the Hollywood hills, but I find that each map names parts of town a bit differently and in slightly different areas, but I think the hills north of me, adjacent to Hollywood, are indeed part of the Hollywood hills.

Anyway, the name of the street I was on is Nichols Canyon Rd. It was a great route, except for being a relentless uphill. Not too steep a grade, just endless. I had to get off and walk a bit, and only went 2-3 km (I still bike in km here) up the road, and that was enough hill for one day, since it wasn't ending. On the map, I biked to just before where the "A" is, just before the hairpin turn there. You can see the road heads north from Hollywood Blvd.

Below are some photos of Nichols Canyon Road. Traffic wasn't bad on it, and it's not a heavily populated road since the hills are very steep there, it really felt like all of a sudden you were out in the country.

Aren't the azaleas at the side of the road beautiful? I'm pretty sure they're azaleas, and they are everywhere, blooming violently. It is definitely cool to see houseplants running loose in the landscaping of Los Angeles.

After turning around I biked west on Hollywood to where Laurel Canyon Blvd. starts, but didn't go up it at all today, plus it looks like a much busier route, it's a major street.


  1. Neet! I like the landscape!!! -Eric

  2. Kath from the cool climateOctober 4, 2009 at 2:47 PM

    Looks very scenic N. We haven't seen any pictures of you! I bet you have quite the biker's tan. Maybe email us one sometime. Good luck with your's hard to go back to study mode when you've been out of it for so long, but I know you'll do well. If you can fly an airplane, teach your self piano, defend your own court case, be successful in all of your art activities, then I'm sure you'll ace this too.

  3. Thanks, Kathy- there are no pictures of me as there is no one with me to take one! I had my camera with me today on my way to the bike club's outing, but then I couldn't get there because of road closures for the bike portion of a triathalon. I'll try to get visual proof soon that I am indeed here.

  4. It looks as though you had a fun ride out there Nancy- even if you had to ride by yourself. Your artist's eye sees things that the rest of us would see but not stop for. Thanks for the pictures.

  5. I was looking at your bike (second pict). Is it a folding bike ? And if so, what make/model ? I've been travelling with a full size bike and I am thinking of buying a folding one, but need some advice.
    I am totally envious of your bike rides!!!!

  6. Suzanne- yes, it's a folder, it's a Bike Friday. Bike Friday is a good bike in that they're built to be "performance" bikes as well as good folders. I ride this all the time, it's my main bike. I've flown with it in a suitcase, although they sell cases for them, and some styles of cases turn into little bike trailers for once you get to destination. They build bikes to people's individual measurements too for a perfect fit. Check out their website! I don't know much about other folders, but if you get into it I can refer you to people who do- you have to be careful when buying a folder as many are designed just around the "folding" aspect but are otherwise not great bikes.