Wednesday, October 14, 2009


It's been raining for around 24 hours now, off and on but mostly on.

I ventured out again in it today (on purpose!). I had some errands that I wanted to run on foot, so I thought, well, I have three umbrellas, so why not.

I must be getting soft already- I started feeling uncomfortably wet and turned around! Figured that with 330 or so days of sunshine in a year, why suffer. It's not even a cold rain.

Can you see the wet pavement in the lower left hand corner of the photo? Things are serious. It's supposed to stop after noon though. The situation is being monitored.

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  1. Parts of California actually had wind damage as well... and landslides in areas where vegetation was destroyed by last summer's fires. You are still lucky tough. It is freezing at night now... ;-)