Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Rodeo Dr. in Beverly Hills

OK, these photos are of the famous part of Rodeo Drive, I took this street on my way home from today's soothing Beverly Hills bike ride, since I hadn't seen it yet. Lots of expensive shopping around here! Not sure what that little pedestrian street off it is called, seems to me it has some famous name but I can't find it's name on the map or in the guidebook.

I went past the northern city limit of Beverly Hills today. Conclusion: still not hilly, slight grade at the northern border. The more expensive and hilly properties north of there can't be part of Beverly Hills proper, I don't think, they're probably in Bel Air. I love Beverly Hills, I think it's my favourite spot so far, probably because the biking is so darned easy and pleasant there.

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  1. Did you buy anything fancy on Rodeo Drive?