Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tools for apartment dwelling

My parking spot is in a garage that's a few minutes walk from my building. The walk doesn't bother me at all, but sometimes I have heavy or bulky stuff to carry.

This spring my brother Jeff and I had to clean out my Mom's condo, and he had one of these carts. It was incredibly handy for moving boxes, and he said he wished he'd bought the slightly larger, and more sturdy version. So when I got mine, that's what I did.

It folds completely flat, and is less than 2" thick when folded. The bigger one (this one) can hold up to 180 lbs, it rides smoothly, and I find it incredibly useful all the time. I used it when I stayed in hotels too on my way here, I'd bungee my belongings to it and trundle off from parking lot to hotel room. I could always easily find a spot for it in the car, even when it was packed full of my stuff for the 9-day drive here.

If anyone wants one, they sell them at XS Cargo on Merivale (around $40 for the big one, $25 I think for the smaller one). I've had bigger, non-folding varieties and this one outperforms it. An essential for the apartment dweller.


  1. This blog is starting to sound like an infomercial.... ;-)


  2. I have to agree, these folding carts are great!!