Monday, October 5, 2009

Studios lying around everywhere

Today I took another bike ride up to the real Hollywood Hills. I think the place I went on Saturday would more accurately be part of the Laurel Canyon area, although hard to say, it was kind of in-between.

I had much better luck finding a nice route going north. However, they do leave their movie studios lying around everywhere here, this one (Paramount) was plugging the end of one very nice street I was biking up...

Dr. Phil must work here, because when I went around it, the side street has a spot on the wall painted with instructions for lining up for his show. Maybe I'll go sometime. I'm no big fan of Dr. Phil, but still, it might be fun!

I didn't take any pictures in the hills, didn't want to freak out the well-heeled residents. The neighborhood was not how I though it would look (although I'm sure different streets are different, I stuck to Gower St.), the streets are VERY narrow, very winding (in fact Gower seemed to wind a lot more than it looks like on this map), and many of the houses are right up against the street, and the ones that aren't, aren't set back by more than a few feet. I didn't make it far, just biked to where the "A" is on the map and then turned around. I have to check out that straight street to the east of it on another ride, maybe it's in more of a valley and not as hilly.

The part with the straighter streets at the bottom of the map are actually kind of scummy until you get to the first turn in the hill. It's kind of like Vanier being adjacent to Rockliffe I guess.

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  1. Hey! Maybe you should try to be on Oprah again! Its filmed in LA isn't it?