Saturday, October 10, 2009

Beverly Hills: Not hilly

I went on such a nice bike ride today. Around 25 km round-trip, in Beverly Hills. The city (I think they're their own city) of Beverly Hills starts just west of where I live, and I think I biked through most of it today. I'd been on the streets south of Santa Monica Blvd. before (except the famous parts, actually, that's still on the list for another day), but today also did the streets between Santa Monica Blvd. and Sunset Blvd.

This is a beautiful neighborhood, with huge houses, big lots, and lots of money. There is certainly a lot of money in Los Angeles. I'm amazed that every new neighborhood I venture into with my bike seems more upscale than the last, and it's not like I have been in too many shabby neighborhoods.

The streets are tree-lined, wide, and wonderful for biking. Here are two views of the leafy tunnel that is Maple Avenue (I don't recognize the trees as being actual maples, but they don't always plant the same tree the street is named after!). Beverly Hills (at least south of Sunset Blvd., which is most of it) not a hilly place at all- most of it I would call Beverly Flats, with a gentle Beverly Slope at the upper end of it.

Below is actually a part of Rodeo Drive, but a residential part:

Aren't the trees in L.A. wonderful? I'm actually finding the city to be quite beautiful. I loved this bike ride, I think it will become a regular outing. Here's a map of where I was:

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  1. Well I think Beverley was lazy and decided to live in a spot where you could only see the hills... It is very nice tough. I wish people here also kept trees instead of always cutting everything... In terms of "upscaleness", I think once you really get to the hills, you will see high end places. Also try West Holiwood, Bel-Air, Holmby Hills and Venice.

    Enjoy the nice weather, pretty crappy here!